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 That's a bit of bad manners.

rite of passage;

young girl becomes a woman; 





passive, domestic, nurturer, forgotten;

the ideal woman; mythical; who’s truth?


reinterpreting; rewriting; recreating;

my own Brownie badges; 

etiquette books and adverts; obsessive collecting of information;

bombarding; suffocating; credible; ludicrous jumble;

the Golden book; 

the perfect homemaker, the excellent cook; consummate hostess;

clothing, mine; my mum’s; my niece’s;

knowledge passing on;

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What makes you beautiful, makes you different

123cm(H) x 38cm(W) x 31cm(D)

Mum's old dress, acrylic paint, dye, synthetic fur, cotton threads, ribbons and trimmings.

That's a bit of bad manners

65cm(H) x 46cm(W) x 9cm(D)

Niece's old dress, Brownie badges, acrylic paint, dye, zip, plastic tape measure, threads and trimmings.

What a Bride chooses

83cm(H) x 45cm(W) x 28cm(D)

Niece's dress, found clothing, various synthetic fabrics, acrylic paint, dye, photographs, ribbons and trimmings. 

All Pleasure. No Consequences

59cm(H)xx 49cm(W) x 20cm(D)

Niece's old dress, found clothing, photographs, acrylic paint, dye, ribbons and trimmings.

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