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  • Lynn Reed-Golden

Making Cramp the Joints

Finishing the mini-series of the Cramp the Joints, part of the Memory Tools collection, was critical as this work would be exhibited in the East 22 Art Collective. This exhibition took place at the Undercroft Gallery in Norwich. I was part of the curating team, and it was an exciting experience to work out a smooth cohesive flow of work of all the artists exhibiting.

Returning to Cramp the Joints, I decided to link my collage/drawings with my 3D work. When developing my collages, layers are created using resist methods and scratching away as you can see from the collage/ drawing below.

Collage/ drawing of Clamp and me using inks and oil pastels on collaged papers
Collage/ drawing of Clamp and me. Using inks and oil pastels on collaged papers

How could I achieve this aesthetic in my sculptural works? How do I translate the mark-making on paper onto the bronze tools? I am my element experimenting and making mistakes. Having decided to approach adding colour as I would on paper, I used metal model paint. After painting the tools, the colour was removed with sandpaper, leaving hints of colour. The resulting scratch marks in the paint resembled my collage work. I was excited to see this visual link, as these marks depict the making process and highlight my relationship with the thing being made.

The Image shows a detail of Cramp the Joints: Ian's Tool where paint has been applied and then scratched away
Showing detail where paint has been applied and then scratched away.

I decided to explore adding my patination instead of going to the foundry. So, with trepidation, I sprayed the bronze tools with vinegar and sprinkled with salt. The tools were then placed in a plastic container with a small amount of ammonia. The ammonia gas interacted with the vinegar and salt, making the most amazing blues. Once the level of blues was achieved, I rinsed off the excess patination and lightly removed some of the colour with fine steel wool. Everything was then sealed with micro-crystalline wax. All done!

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